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6 Services Every Great Moving Company Offers

The fundamental aim for every business is to be the one company in a particular market that potential customers contact first (and only) and that previous clients refer their family and friends.

The professional moving industry in Philadelphia is no exception; it doesn't take long for a customer to differentiate an average professional moving business from a great one. Perhaps the most discerning factor is the number of solution-focused moving help options a professional company offers.

Short-Distance Moving Service

While some folks long to relocate from winter's blustery storms and icy streets to Florida's ocean winds and sandy beaches, others simply want to move from their current condo into their dream home around the corner.

Not all moving companies are able, ready, and willing to send out a crew to move you and your treasures just 3 miles away. A great moving company embraces every job as an opportunity to provide exceptional service.

All jobs are looked at as big jobs for great moving companies because they understand that moving from one place to call "home" to another in life is a big deal.

Packing Service

Unless you plan on moving during your vacation days from work, it's virtually impossible to move during the week, be ready for work the next morning, and not be stressed - unless you hire a moving service that you can count on to transport all your valuables for you while you're at work or offers their exceptional service on Saturdays and Sundays, too!

Finding quality moving help on the weekends is rare; however, great moving companies understand that not every customer is able to move between regular business hours during the week.

Seven-Days-a-Week Moving Service

Even more rare than finding moving help on the weekends is finding a professional moving service that you can hire just to help you with the often-overwhelming process of packing. Carefully handling, wrapping, boxing, and labeling your delicate belongings is a detailed task that requires a lot of time and focused attention. Being able to hire a company to take on that aspect of moving - without also being obligated to hire them to handle the physical move – is a unique service not offered by all moving companies.

Loading Service

Perhaps your family and friends have all helped pack your belongings, but no one wants to take on the challenge of physically getting all those boxes (and your furniture) into the moving truck.

Great moving companies further differentiate themselves from mediocre ones by offering a loading service that not only requires physical strength, but also an ability to be careful and well-aware of dimensions and surroundings so that nothing is bumped, scraped, or damaged.

World-Class Customer Service

Of the different options a moving company may offer, the most important is the overall customer service - before, during, and after the project.

From arriving on time and the professionalism of the crew to the on-time and safe delivery of your belongings, exceptional customer service matters. In addition, offering packing supplies, a free quote, and even some money back for sharing a review of your experience define a truly great moving service.

Intelligent Movers, LLC provide all 6 of these services.

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